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At GRD Renovations we go out of our way to make the customer happy. As we have mentioned on the home page we strongly believe that a happy and satisfied customer that has had there expectations surpassed when they see the final product will be a referring kind of customer.

When the work is being done it is important to keep the big picture in mind but at the same time that every cut of the knife or stroke of the brush is just as important. If we see something out by a 1/16 of an inch, we won't sleep properly at night. So after doing this kind of work for so long it just comes naturally to make sure everything is perfect all along the way to ensure that we won't run into problems.

Before starting my own company I had worked for many different types of small businesses and renovating companies where I had seen first hand the type of organisational skills and craftsmanship that they had to offer and I realized that I could offer a lot more. So I started GRD Renovations where we try to outdo ourselves everyday. Some people say that I'm a perfectionist and I have no problem with that. Some people take that as insulting but in this kind of work I think it is not only a good way to be but it is absolutely necessary.

When doing quotes for people or if things change in the project I have found that it is very important to have a clear and open line of communication with the customer. If something needs to be addressed it is, and it is dealt with swiftly and conveniently. Pricing is upfront and my estimates are accurate. Whenever there is a situation where a clear price cannot be determined or costs may increase or decrease I insure that the customer is well informed.

I like to keep things simple. 

Our customers have enough headaches and problems during there own work day so we try to put ourselves in there shoes when we are working in there homes. Keeping things clean and organized so when the customer gets home they can relax and know that the work is going just as planned and on schedule. 





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